Picking The Right Forex Broker For You

The forex market is a highly competitive market with many brokers fighting for business. It is quite a daunting task to search the right broker for you from the lot available when you don’t have a clear idea of what you are looking for. Listed below are the various qualities one should look for in a forex broker who will conduct the trading activities for you.

Qualities to look for in a broker

  • Security– The most important characteristic of a good broker should possess is good credibility. You should feel secured handing over the money to the broker. Fortunately, the credibility checking of the broker is quite easy as there are many regulatory agencies that operate around the globe which separates the trustworthy ones from the fraudulent ones. Hence, you should ensure that the broker should be a member of any of the regulatory bodies. You can use a legit trading robot.
  • Deposit and withdrawal– A good broker will help you deposit the funds and also withdraw the earnings hassle-free. Broker need to hold the money only to make the trading activities easier, hence it would not be hard to withdraw the profits you made. The broker should ensure that the process of withdrawal is smooth and speedy.
  • Transaction costs– No matter which type of forex trader you are, always you will be subjected to transaction costs. Each and every time you make a trade, you need to either pay the commission or the spread and hence it is natural for one to search for the cheapest and affordable rates. However, there would be times when you need to give up the low transaction cost to choose a reliable broker. It is always about finding the right balance between low transaction cost and security. Search and review the options available thoroughly to choose the apt one.
  • Trading platform– It is through the trading platform of the broker, the online forex trading activities take place. Trading platform of the broker should be stable and user-friendly. Whenever you choose the broker, you should give a detailed check on the things the trading platform offers like whether it offers any news feed, any charting, and technical tools, does it give you all the information that you need to trade and so on.
  • Execution– It is very much essential that the forex broker you choose fills in the best possible rates for all your orders. As it would be quite harder for you to win any trade even if there a slight difference in price quoted.
  • Customer service– You need to pick a broker who can be contacted easily whenever you face any problems. The broker should be competent enough to handle all the technical or account support issues just like he is competent in executing the trades. There are some brokers who will be very much helpful during the process of account opening but will have a bad after sales support. Hence, make sure that the forex brokers you choose are ready to help you through the entire process of trading.

Are Gold Loans Lucrative?

The quest for possessing the yellow metal has been in the pursuit of many from historical times, wars have been waged, and tombs have been constructed to protect the metal that comes into existence only after it is polished into a yellow hue. Most of the gold comes from the African region, China, Indonesia, Canada, Russia With all the rush for gold, there are times when they have been given a different treatment, in the personal financing sector. Gold as a loan has always been a sticky wicket to bat on, with the current debt situation any kind of personal financial crisis has lead to the emergence of offering loans by mortgaging the gold with the banks or lenders who will make it happen.

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Gold as a Loan Potential

The potential to view gold as an income source for banks and other lending institutions seems to have caught on, reclaiming back the particular mine until the interest and the loan is repaid back, and they have become considerable options for people who do not have any substantial asset to the mortgage. Once it is averaged out in the monthly expenses budget, they seem to be manageable and fit into the repayment schedule for individuals, however, this form of credit is suited for small business or household requirement for a short-term period.

Factors to consider before a gold Loan

  • Gold loans are secured, as the collateral remains with the creditor, and any default in the payment of the loan amount or interest will make the lender to take possession of the gold as against the amounts borrowed. Their many banks that have been providing loans against gold in form of bars, jewelry that is assessed and then kept by the banks or lenders until the amount borrowed is repaid. The interest in availing gold loans are quite high in comparison with the normal borrowing rates owing to the purity of gold to be lesser when soldered
  • there are many lenders who provide gild as a mortgage against which loan is provided, however the best deal, and offer rates depends on the different lenders as it is not highly regulated market where the interest rates are capped at, the interest rates are high and different from one lender to the other, finding the best should have a lower interest rate or high loan value is
  • the repayment structure of gold loan has to be discussed prior to availing the loan, as it is the lenders choice to go for a structured Equated monthly installments which are ideal for the salaried group who can pay the interest every calendar month, for the business class going for the partial repayment is a better option, as there no structured approach, the repayment is done when the borrower has a sum of money, he can do a bulk repayment at the beginning of the loan borrowable itself

Checking for the purity of the gold that is to be mortgaged is important before going for a gold loan as certain precious stones are to be weighed out before considering the weight for which the gold to be valued.

Factors that affect capital budgeting decisions


Every capital budgeting is important because it has long-term implications. The investor or the business that is investing the capital might have several goals in considering the investment. One common goal would be the maximization of the wealth. For this, the investor would only seek projects and investments that yield some great returns. Some might look for short-term profits while some might seek stability.

There are various factors that might determine the capital budgeting decisions being taken:

  1. The financial goals

If the business is already having some goals to meet in the financial plans these would be first fulfilled. In fact, any capital that is available after meeting all the immediate and essential demands of the business would be considered surplus.

  1. Availability of capital

The time of availability of the capital as well as the actual size of capital available would be considered. The planning begins well ahead. If an investor or a business expects a surplus of funds in the near future all the available options are analyzed. Based on these notes, once the funds are available the decision-making process would be simpler.

  1. Trends and technological reforms

Businesses that wish to survive the competition in the market should stay up to date with the changes in the technology and business processes. If the capital budgeting decision involves evaluating the worth of an investment on a piece of equipment or a tool then the product being purchased should be understood. Would the equipment be bought or upgraded be useful in the long run? Would there be additional costs involved in the operation? Many such factors are taken into account. And it should also be ensured that the piece of equipment being bought is the latest technology so that it would not become obsolete after a huge sum is being invested in it.

  1. Is there room for innovation?

Some businesses thrive on innovation. But some businesses need just stability more than innovation. But one that wishes to outlive the competition should definitely make future ready plans. And capital budgeting is very important for that. The structure of the business determines whether there is room for innovation and whether this is part of the business plan. This would help determine whether the investment in a new equipment or a new project would really be important in the path towards the business objectives.

There are many more such factors that influence the capital budgeting decisions being taken. That is why the same scenario might be viewed from different perspectives by different investors.

The Golden rules to follow while investing in Stock Market

Dealing in stocks and successfully surviving in the very risky business of share trading can be very stressful to many onlookers. But the ones who have seen many a success from investing rightly can tell us the easiest and smartest ways of making money can be share market trading. Just that we need to follow some golden rules when we plan to invest in this market.

Let us take a look to see what could be the magical guidelines to be a successful share trader in this speculative era.

  1. Never follow the crowd mentality:

Always try to go by your personal judgment and your skills with knowledge about the shares and stock market rather than following friends or any other investors who may sometimes guide you wrong.

  1. Take informed decision:

Making an in-depth analysis of the current market situation and knowing more about the company should be the first factor while investing in stocks, but many investors just go by the name of the company and ultimately lose their money.

  1. Invest in the business you understand:

Forget investing in a stock instead make it your business and carefully spend time in understanding the business so that you will have abetter involvement and gain more from it.

  1. Never try to time the market:

Even the richest and most successful traders don’t do this, but the novice tends to try this tactic thinking it will fetch them profits but it will lead them to lose their hard-earned money. Hence never try to time the market which is unrealistic.

  1. Follow a disciplined investing behavior:

Many a time we see people hastily investing in stocks and losing their money and faith on the stock market entirely. But the investors who systematically plan and invest and also patiently wait for their returns will always make stable profits from the stocks they deal with.

  1. Keep emotions at bay:

The most difficult factor when it comes to emotional stability is to control them for our betterment. But most of us fail to do so while investing we are most of the time greedy or angered on what may not satisfy us. Hence it is essential to keep balanced emotions throughout the trading cycle.

  1. Create a broad portfolio:

A portfolio is a combination of the stocks you prefer to invest with. Make a careful selection by diversifying in various stocks with different histories rather than doing in similar types and facing failures.

  1. Have realistic expectations:

Try to be very practical and logical that the stock market can have profits and loss and you need to take both in the positive sense because it is a vicious cycle and keeps occurring at periodic intervals.

Hence, these steps will help the trader/ investor to successfully survive in the trade market for long.








Can you protect your business from market fluctuations?

Will you be able to secure your firm from the fluctuations in the market? You definitely should take steps to do that. If your business manages to survive a volatile economy then it would definitely be able to come out with flying colors in business valuations. And when the business value is found to be good then it has a lot of benefits including the ability to attract good investors.

When we talk about fluctuations in the stock market we do not mean just the worst scenarios like market crashes and recessions. Even falling market conditions can have an impact on the economy and this means that your business would also be affected. But how much impact would really be felt by the firm and how your business would be able to retain its worth is what sets the business apart from the others.

There are some industries that take very little impact from the market fluctuations. You are fortunate if your business belongs to any of those industries. But is always a good idea to have strategies that would secure your business in varied market conditions.

Work on cutting down the costs and dependencies

If your business doesn’t have a public offering then there is no worry about the stock price changes. But there are other factors that might cause the trouble. The increased price of commodities and the currency price changes are few notable factors that result from a falling economy. If you do your business’ budgeting carefully and ensure that you cut down the costs and dependencies then the chances of the process taking a hit due to the volatility can be reduced. After all when you cut down the costs then the value would also significantly improve.

Enhance the quality of services and products

This is a general measure to ensure the stability of any business. By improving the quality of the products and services you would be able to satisfy the customers. And this helps build trust. In a trailing market condition people prefer doing business with those companies that have been known to be reliable. So even if the prices increase they would still not mind knowing that the quality is going to be consistent. Thus you would be assured that the demand still remains even in a falling market. In fact the demand would increase for the trusted businesses when the market fluctuations are high as people would feel safe relying on such companies.

How to Manage your Business Finances!

The one region that many struggles in business is the financial management. Though cash handling is one of the lifelines of a business, not many conquer the art, and ultimately fail at it miserably.

Not big mistakes will take your time and money, only small unnoticeable ones may your day hazy! Here are few tips to manage your business finances carefully, without letting it go haywire.

Efficiently Managing finances is possible when there is a good cash flow to the business, without which whatever methods adopted will only lead to more problems and unmanageable ledger. So, looking at the capital and handy cash is important.

Find the Credit Union:

As the name says, getting known a credit union who can provide you with handy loans at a reasonable rate of interest is important. You will be able to get loans for a required reason, without having to wait for long and needing special permissions and approvals. So, find the credit union in your area, and also check for the criteria to be matched. There are many online unions who will help you in accessing loans and also check for your qualifying criteria, you may not need to waste time in searching for them offline.

Choose the right accountant:

This is an important aspect of managing the finances. An accountant is one who keeps the record about all that comes in and goes out in the business, maintaining the books and ledgers clean and also will keep you updated about any worry points or any expecting bonus. Though it’s a routine task of keeping the ledger, an accountant knows the way better than a normal man.

Select the right accounting software:

Though you have an accountant who keeps a ledger or a book, it’s important that you have a software to do major calculations and keep all the info in the digital format for various good reasons. Choose the one based on your business category and needs and also mind the budget. With extreme exposure in IT development, there are software’s which are not so easy to work on and cost you a bomb; while there are free software’s that can be used by any layman.

Choose digital payment modes:

Be it the big business or a small start-up, having your payment modes as digital will easily help you to keep a track of your spending’s and earnings. This will also help you in getting a discount if you are an early bird in making payments or utilizing a tool or software to make your payments.



5 Advantages Of Binary Options Trading

This financial market is bursting at the edges with innumerable trading avenues. How would you know which one will suit your purpose? While a lot of people will give you complicated answers, there is a simple solution that we have to offer. Before deciding on anything, the one factor that you should consider is the kind of trader you are. Not all markets might suit you. While Forex is highly rewarding, it could also be quite risky at the same time. However, Binary options trading can be easier to handle than Forex and here are 5 advantages of this arena that sets it apart from the rest of the avenues.

  1. Instant results

If you are the type that loves making fast money then binary options trading is the one market that you will be instantly attracted to. While other markets give you results in weeks and maybe months, binary options can get you rewards as fast as minutes and hours. It is so fast that you can actually place a trade and enjoy your profits within an hour.

  1. Easy and simple

A trade market is a complicated place. It has innumerable ups and downs, a hundred charts and a thousand more trading tools to refer to. It needs a huge amount of preparation as well that needs to be accompanied by your trade calls. Binary options trading, on the other hand, hardly require much research or knowledge. The only thing that you need to do is either place a Call option or a Put option. In the first case, if the price increases, you make an instant profit and in the second case, if the price decreases, you make a profit yet again.

  1. Flexible

When you opt for Binary options trading, you have a whole array of things to try. You could try multiple things like indices, commodities, Forex that will help you to have different sources of income.

  1. Transparent

The Binary Options trading market is transparent. You are never in for any surprises. While that might also take away the thrill of winning sudden and huge profits, it also mitigates the unannounced risks that come your way. You are always exactly aware of how much you will win and how much you will lose. This helps you to trade on while feeling relaxed and not on your tenterhooks. Since both profits, as well as losses, are almost always known to you, you will not find yourself losing sleep over how to make money.

Use technology to smartly manage your retirement funds


Technology has now made lives simpler. And fund management is no exception. You do not have to physically go to your banks and investment firms to know how much savings you hold. Right from the convenience of your home, you would be able to view your transactions, plan your investments and also track your income and expenditure patterns. Managing your funds as an individual might be less tedious than managing the funds of an organization. When it comes to funding management a smart plan is one that takes into account not just the present needs but also the future plans. Retirement planning should be done at the right time. If you start early you would have enough time to secure your future without any hassle. And you would also be able to start with small funds if you have several years before retirement. With technology to back you up a retirement, fund management is now made even simpler.

Smart financial advisors are easy to use

There are bots that now function as virtual assistants in practically all industries. Bots might initially cost high, especially if they are built with superior natural language processing features and if there is machine learning being incorporated. But in the long run, these are more cost-effective. So most financial institutions now use robot advisors. Given that these can be used for smartphones retirement fund management would be just a click away. You would be able to get valuable investment advice from these bot advisors and thus plan your retirement funds.

Choose the right investment strategy and strengthen your portfolio

A smart way to manage your investments is to diversify your portfolio. There are various long-term investment options that make retirement simpler to tackle. Technology makes it easy to get an insight into the various options in investments. And each of the investment firms might also give you an easy app to manage and track your investments. To back all these apps you can then use a budgeting app to have the details about all your incomes, expenditures, savings and investments in one place. You could also easily compare the various investment options and thus pick one that perfectly fits your requirements.

Besides all these benefits you also have the added benefit of being able to learn about anything and everything thanks to the expanse of the internet. So anyone can now become a smart investor. All it takes is the thirst to learn about investments and patience.


CSR responsibility towards society

CSR is defined as a corporate social responsibility which is new concept introduced to a world which got very quick attention worldwide; this has got complete new meaning in the global economy, peoples interest in CSR has developed by advancement in globalization and fast growing international trades. This also developed complexity in business, demanded to show lucidity of corporate citizenship. There are various definitions for CSR but all of them convey same matter which says that how much impact of businesses on society. The base of this CSR is strong and involved in various charitable activities which involve donations, charity, relief work and etc. There are various other concepts related to CSR are a triple bottom line, citizenship of corporate world and responsibility towards business.

CSR mainly involves in explaining the relation between the corporation, large organization and the societies they interact with, it is also related to maintaining relationships and responsibilities between two of them.

Role of CSR:

  • CSR is directly related to business for taking care of the impacts that will be caused due to factors like social and environment.
  • It should take responsibility for stakeholders and also company shareholders
  • The charity activities that are going on are only part of CSR.

CSR has gained popularity in very less time and made all corporate company be conscious of the loss if they are not taking care of society’s well-being, all the corporate people have realized that there are many advantages by transferring some of their funds to CSR, by doing so they not only gain fame but also gain huge advantages over the other companies who are competitors. And one of the company to do so is ITC, they are very responsible and to create a brief idea on CSR they have done the practice and has won the award of best CSR practices from past 3 years by doing so they not only improved their profits, stock market price but also gained good value for their brand and also got reputation, goodwill.

The concept of corporate sustainability has come from sustainable development which means the role of the company which plays the main role in meeting the parameters like economic progress, environmental and social progress. CSR is mainly concerned with treating the stakeholders of a specific company is very sensitive and responsible manner so that they can live civilized manner in society. And CSR aims to create high standards of living.